Here is the bitter truth: Working with CPA networks is not easy money. Let me tell you again, it takes a lot of guts to succeed with it.

I’ve to say, it’s close to impossible to know the stuff I’m telling you, especially when you’re getting your feet wet. And even if you’re experienced, you may not know how CPA networks really operate. It’s hard to know unless you’ve a really good understanding of the industry.

Before we get started, I want to make my disclaimer clear: There are many good CPA networks out there, but there also many bad ones.

When you go to a CPA network search engine like oDigger, you see hundreds of networks offering you their offers. Sounds very inviting, doesn’t it?

It’s inviting, however how do you know which offers are good and which aren’t?

You may say: I can check offers that I want to promote and see if they’re on more networks, which they often are, and then select the offer from the network that offers me the highest payout.

That’s not a bad way of approaching things.. but it doesn’t really tell you if the network offering the highest payout really owns the offer.

Are you ready for the truth?

From personal experience, I can tell you that at least 80% of all cpa offers you find are brokered! I actually think the number is much higher than that, but I don’t like to exaggerate.

That’s right.  They are not even direct.brokered

If you’re new you may not know what I’m talking about here, so let me fill you in.

Method 1: You promote brokered offers

Brokering means that the network uses a middleman to get to the offer. More often than not, too many chains from the main supply decreases the value at the end of the chain. So there’s the network itself, the middleman (usually agency) and then there’s the advertiser. Go figure out where you are.

To make things worse, you’re also at the party. Can you see how many people are wanting to make money here? YOU, the CPA network, the middleman and the advertiser as well. THAT IS RARELY GOING TO WORK. Not only will you be making less profit by going this route, but there’s a very high chance of fraud.

This option is what keeps newbies broke.

Here’s something that some people also don’t know or think about: Nobody is stealing anything at times. Tracking problems arise, such as cookie lifetime, or some weird technical issues. Or if your agent doesn’t communicate well,  you’re surely going to lose money. Too many people in the middle trying to get his/her share of the pie causes a lot of problems.

Everyone is in it for the money. So people do whatever they can to take every advantage there is, and in many cases it’s not to your advantage. You are always at the end of the line. There was a time when I encountered a plugin that automatically replace your affiliate url with theirs. And much more!

Nonetheless, shaving is common and some networks are up for it. Shaving means to steal your commissions without letting you know you know about it. Some networks are thieves, but they often don’t stay in business for too long. The truth spreads, slowly or fast, but after the time people will know. And and that time, it is too late for them to change.

Look, I’m not saying that all networks are doing it because that’s not the truth. It also happened to me a few times and the sad thing about it is that networks thing we’re stupid enough to believe what they’re telling us.

I want to educate you about CPA networks, so you don’t make the same mistakes other fellow CPA marketers or I’ve made.

It’s rarely good to promote a brokered offer due to the fact that you got too many people in the line that want to make money. It’s like a dog eats dog business.

But don’t worry, I got more options for you.


Method 2: You promote direct offers

Now in this scenario, we cut the middleman out.  That’s not a bad way and I’ve managed to produce significant profits by working with networks which are direct with advertisers.

In this scenario, you work with a network that is direct with an advertiser. So instead of 4 money hungry people, we only have 3.

It’s still not my favorite option, simply because option 3 is better:


Method 3: You promote exclusive offers – you’re direct with the advertiser:

If you’ve this option in place, you’ll make more money most of the time plus you’ll get paid faster as well.

When you’re starting out and are just making $500/week, it can be tough to wait 30 – 45 days to receive that payment.

The good news is that when you’re direct with the advertiser or promote exclusive offers from a network (here exclusive means that the network owns the offer), only one person can truly cheat on you and that is the advertiser itself.

To tell the truth, I’ve made most of money when working directly with the advertiser or network that owns the offer.

I get paid faster and more consistently. On top of that, there’s more room for margins and in most cases you’re going to make more money.

Don’t’ get me wrong.. I’m not trying to talk bad about networks that broker offers, I’m just showing you what has generated the nicest coin for me. I want you to succeed so I’ve to inform as well as warn you.

I recommend you stay away from networks that broker offers.

Now you might be asking: How do I know whether this offer is really owned by the network?

Well, you simply ask them! You ask them for their exclusive offers. Some CPA  network support guys are really dumb and don’t even know what exclusive really means. I had an incident when some wannabe AM (account manager)  gave me a list of brokered offers, even though I clearly asked for his exclusives. He tried to convince me that these offers are owned by the network, but little did he know that I’ve already worked with some of these offers and that directly with the advertiser!!

It’s not common for a network to have dozens of exclusives. It takes serious money and a medium to large size company to manage many exclusive offers.

So you simply ask them and most will tell you the truth, but some are just going to lie to you, but you’ll be able to spot the liars.

So always double check this with Odigger or Offervault. If someone tells you it’s their offer and you find it offered somewhere else for more than something is obviously not right. Use common sense and trust your instincts.

I hope this makes sense. It’s an important lesson and I recommend you to stick with Option 2 + Option 3. Option 1 rarely works and even if it does, it’s not very profitable and not for a long time. me

Feel free to post your thoughts down below.

To your success,


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  1. Great stuff as usual. thanks for sharing and welcome back home.
    How do we overcome this challenge and not get ripped off ?
    Most private networks prefer hard hitters nothing less… catch 22 kinda scenario.
    Would love your feedback.

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