Hello guys!  My name is Gerald Arno. You might wonder what this blog is all about, and why it took me time to share with you valuable lessons on making money online, being an entrepreneur, and traveling. Please, do read more as I share with you what you can expect as a reader of my blog.

Let’s get into it.

Everyday, we are faced with choices, and in my journey of being an entrepreneurship, I am faced with tremendous choices, all which takes willpower. When I was starting, I always ask myself, “What would move the needle?” “What would make a change to the bottomline?” As I am a result oriented entrepreneur, marketer and investor, I almost always choose to stay on track.

But the call of sharing my experience and the passion of business and traveling, is still there. It is still burning. I My mission is to tell the whole world that I love what I do, and damn proud of it. I want to inject this passion into my readers, which is YOU.

I always wake up in the morning ready to seize the day and grab opportunities. Call me an addict or a crazy, I just love what I do. It’s not work to me. It’s PURE JOY. And with this joy, I want to share to share to those who are interested how to make money online, and build a sustainable business using a widely, but not fully understood resource, the Internet.

You probably joined my list for a reason (and that’s how you got to my blog). You’re probably interested in learning how you can make money and be an entrepreneur, just the way I do.

I’ve to admit, without bragging, that I’ve managed to create an extraordinary income in Internet Marketing.

Thanks to the Internet, I’m the person I am today.

I was once a complete failure, a lazy jerk who couldn’t care less about work and creating a REAL life.

The thing that turned me around was my unstoppable desire to live the life of my dreams. If you looked at my vision board 5 years ago and compare it to my current life, you’ll see that I’ve achieved most things that I put on that board. It’s absolutely unbelievable.

There is no magic recipe in achieving this things. But, I’m a total believer in hard work, the right ethics, and seeing every chance as a path to more success.

If you want to read a bit more about me, GO HERE

Now you may be asking how you can benefit from this blog.

Good question. Well, everything that will be shared on my blog will be my experience in making money, building successful businesses using CPA marketing, both in mobile and desktop, and ultimately traveling the world in style as an entrepreneur.

Be warned that only the strong-willed can have results, and I’ve got a lot in store for those who are serious to get something going.

So yes, I’m going to show you what’s available in today’s Internet, and I’ll point you in the right direction.

You can see from the name, Footloose Entrepreneur, that this is what you can truly achieve when working on the Internet.

You can, just like me, make hundreds of thousands of dollars PROFIT a year while traveling in and through the most beautiful countries, locations and islands of this planet.

I made it happen, so when is your turn?


Ok, let’s get down to the contents..

So on top of each page, you can see different categories, such as: Internet Marketing, Make Money Online, , Investing, and Lifestyle.

CPA Marketing: This is where you’re going to get ideas for ways to make real money online. Some of the info that’ll be shared in this category includes: CPA (Cost Per Action) Marketing, how to make money promoting cpa offers via mobile traffic sources, how to buy traffic on CPC/CPM, email CPA marketing and more. So this is about making money with offers which you don’t need to create or own. I’ve generated enormous profits promoting CPA offers via different advertising channels and I think there’s a bunch that I can teach you.

I’m also going to be sharing useful tools, mindsets, and practices which you absolutely have to follow if you want to become a big success in the industry.

Make Money Online: The Internet is a very useful resource, and everybody can be an entrepreneur if he/she knows how to use it to his/her advantage. This part will focus on various ways on how you can use the Internet to build a lifestyle of your own. Things from idea generation, choosing which ideas to focus on, execution, and finally how to enable that system to work in your favor.

Investing: This is non IM stuff. I’m an investor and if you got money to play with and want to grow it into something much bigger, or just build long-term security, or diversify your portfolio – I’ll be sharing with you what I invest in myself and how to go about it the right way without losing it.

Lifestyle: It’s one of my greatest passions, and I think there’s a good chance that you feel the same. I’m going to be sharing with you where I travel, what I do and how enjoyable life is when you have full control over it. This should be a BIG motivator for you.

Coaching: This sub-category (under About) is used for upcoming events such as online classes organized by one of my strategic partners or myself. We don’t do that many classes a year, but we do have a few and you should check in here every other week to see when the next class begins.

Reviews: This sub-category is geared towards testimonials of my past coaching students.

So there you have it folks! A quick rundown of what this blog is all about and what topics I will share with you. Please, if you have any suggestions, you can comment below, or write to me via here, and I’ll get back at you as soon as possible.

Lets’s start to build a business, and a lifestyle!

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