I love living a simple lifestyle. I am lucky to have found my passion earlier on which is through the Internet. But there is just one thing that puzzles me when it comes to making money online.

People always think too complicated stuff.

They always ask me, what’s your secret? I just sheepishly tell them,

“Nothing. It just all common sense.”

Of course they walk away disappointed. But guys, sometimes what we need is a little hit on the head and remember Einstein, “Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler”. This is a simple yet powerful quote but has guided me in my quest to make money online.

So here are the top three questions for you:

Question # 1: Am I at least interested in it? 

While Internet marketing is all about profits, it’s not in your best interest to commit to something just for the money. I’m saying this because I can see from experience that any time I did something just for the money, it wasn’t really what I ended up doing well at. It wasn’t a great investment.

Most of the time we are driven by how much we can earn, not how much we get out of something. The latter is far more important.

The thing is you will only become good at a money skill if you have the head and heart for it. Anytime you go with your head against the wall is the time when you lose. You will lose interest over time, and you will just regret it. Who wants regrets?

From what I’ve seen from myself and lots of other people who are really good at something, is that they are full into it and don’t just do it to create a cash-cow.

Right. You need a cash cow but one that you actually enjoy milking!

Lack of interest leads to poor performance which leads to poor results.

For instance, a person who wants to start trading Forex just for the money, and does not have the talent or interest for it, will likely fail. You need to engage and at the same time you also need to have the guts to put in what we call ‘sweat equity’. Do whatever it takes, as long as you have the heart for it.

Question #2: Do I have the starting capital?

Most of us, some more, some less, are limited by their capital. While it might be intuitive to start a business that you really enjoy, not having the finances to make it work can be fatal.

Make sure you’re informed about the financial requirements for what you’re trying to build. You’re going to have higher chances to succeed when you’re well capitalized.

Question #3: Can I discipline myself to focus on it? 

Let’s be honest. If success would just be about interest and having the required capital, more people would be doing well in business, right?

The reason why many people are not achieving what they are capable of is because they’re not disciplined. They just gave up and let their inner weak voices speak for them.

Discipline is not about saying “I’m going to build three new campaigns a week“..

If it was so easy, everyone would be disciplined.

Discipline is required in the smallest increments for success.

It’s how fast you respond to someone who’s waiting for your confirmation to move forward.

It’s how focused you are while you are setting up those campaigns.

It’s about adding to what you already know.

It’s about giving value to yourself.

It’s how you pay attention to what you’re told. It’s about doing more than you should too!

Discipline builds on itself, until its your natural state. That’s where you want it to be.

So before you get into anything, ask yourself the following questions:

  1. Is it aligned with my talents and interest?
  2. Is it a good fit for my current finances?
  3. Do I have the balls to follow through until I’ve created substantial results?

Only invest in something you’re interested in.

Only invest if you’re capitalized for the project.

Only invest if you are going to follow through.

Stick to these rules.

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