I am sure you guys have been following my Macau post, and have been reading how live poker can improve your life. Been four days in Macau and it really has helped me recover and feel refreshed. Here is the Macau poker scene review. 

I’m in the turbojet right now heading to Hong Kong airport, after four days of playing cash games at local casinos.

It was a truly great experience to compete with Chinese businessmen and I’ll definitely be back for another session very soon, most probably later this month.

I’ve to admit that this stay was way too short. I was only able to play three days of poker and that’s rarely enough to balance variance.

You can read about some of the hands that I’ve played at THIS POST. We played some very interesting hands during the past three days. (In this post I’m going to review Macau itself, so won’t be talking about the hands I played). 

So read on and be guided by Macau poker scene.

Getting to Macau:

Macau has a fairly small airport and therefore not many options for direct flights.

So most people will take a flight to Hong Kong international airport and transfer to Macau by speedboat.

The one way ticket to Macau is about HKD 254 which is about $33.

You can take the ferry directly from Hong Kong airport to one of Macau’s ferry terminals.

Here’s how it looks like:

Macau Harbor- Footloose

From what I’ve heard and seen, there’s no need to book your ticket in advance. The ferry can accommodate roughly 300 people and it’s almost never full.

Make sure you check which part of Macau your hotel is located at.

You can get to two ferry terminals from Hong Kong. Make sure to show your hotel address at the TurboJet or CotaiWaterJet counter to see which of the two best fits your location.

Arriving at Macau:

Once you arrived at one of the Ferry stations in Macau, it’s time to take a taxi to your hotel.


Macau port- Footloose Entrep

Taxis here are relatively reasonable. The taxi start price is HKD 17 which is about $2.20. Every 1km costs from HKD 13 to HKD 15, depending on the car.

Most taxi drivers don’t speak any English at all. So you best show your hotel name and address to the driver.

It’s best to just name your hotel.

When compared to the west, hotels in Macau are moderately priced. You can find a 5-star hotel including breakfast for just a bit over $100 a night. So not that bad at all.

I don’t think it’s easy to find a decent 5-start hotel in the west for the same price.

Macau itself is a smallish city.

People come here to gamble and you’d be surprised by how few drunk people you see around the city.

Unlike Las Vegas where you find plenty of wild nightclubs, Macau has mostly Karaoke.

macau taxi-footloose enteprenuer


Which cuisines are mostly found in Macau?

Since Macau is located in southern China, you’ll find lots of restaurants with southern Chinese food.

Other popular cuisines are: Korean BBQ, Sushi, Indian, and western food.

If you have never experienced an Asian meal in your life, it might take some time to get used to the flavors, plating and how you eat (chopsticks).

I know that most foreigners have no problem adjusting to the food. Unless you’re 100% hooked on western food, I think you’re going to rate many dishes as delicious.

Here’s some of the foods I tried:
macau food set-footloose


macau cuisine-footloose


Let’s talk about the casinos where you can play poker 🙂

Since Macau has the most gambling options in whole Asia, it’s not very difficult to find a good poker game.

Here are two casinos I have been to:


Wynn’s poker room has No Limited Holdem and Pot Limit Omaha games starting at HKD 50/100, all the way up to HKD 200/400 and higher games are also played regularly.

It’s one of the only casinos that offers PLO.

With stakes starting at HKD 50/100 (equivalent of $6/$12), it’s immensely higher than the lowest game offered in Las Vegas.

I like the way the casino and the entire palace is designed. The moment you step into the building, you feel like you’re walking on gold. Wynn surely did not save money on interior design!

The poker room itself is a very comfortable place to play at. It almost equals the atmosphere of a million dollar living room. You feel like at home!


City of Dreams

City of Dreams Macau only offers No Limted Holdem cash games with HKD 25/50 being the lowest game. Like the Wynn, COD has higher games as well.

Apart from the cash game scene, City of Dreams has regular NLH and PLO tournaments with buy ins starting from as little as HKD 1,500 all the way up to HKD 50,000.

City of Dream’s is a very busy place that attracts endless visitors. So the atmosphere is the exact opposite of Wynn. It’s more hectic.

The good thing about those casinos is that you can find cash games all day. They are open 24 hours and there’s always action.

So unlike casinos in other countries where you can only play at nights, you can start your session at noon and finish in the early evening. This is my preferred time for playing poker.


Pool table at Macau- Footloose Entpreneur

I hope you enjoyed this post. My next post is going to be on the hands played during the three days. You can read about it here.

Me at Macau


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