Almost everyone who plays poker on a recreational or professional basis is familiar with the poker scene in Macau.

If you want to see Las Vegas without going far, you’ve got to visit Macau. Here is my Macau poker scene review

Games here are a little bit different to the US, though.

In the Chinese culture, poker is perceived as gambling, not necessarily a way to create a living.

So it’s no wonder that most people playing mid stakes and high stakes poker in Macau turn out to be wealthy businessmen who don’t mind dropping a few grand a day. They are already prepared to lose, and see poker as a getaway from their busy lives.

Little did we know that we can improve ourselves with poker.

So what would a footloose entrepreneur do?

Making live poker an opportunity for arbitrage. If these players already have the “losing” mindset, then it would be very profitable for the professional player to play mid to high stakes poker. . Even if you’re a recreational player who plays professionally, you’re going to love the fruitfulness of the games in Macau.

After Philippines, here comes Macau

After battling at the casinos in Manila, Philippines, I decided it’s time to play some poker in Macau.

The main difference between casinos in Manila and Macau is the stakes. .

Manila really only has low stakes poker games. The highest game offered in Manila is $2/$4 blinds which doesn’t run every day. Most of the games you find in the Philippines are $1/$2 or lower.

Macau is a very different place. The smallest game played here is a HKD 25/50 NLH (No Limit Holdem) game. HKD 25/50 is the equivalent of $3.25/$6.50. This is about the lowest game you can find.

There are plenty of HKD 50/100 ($6.50/$13), HKD 100/200 ($13/$26), HKD 200/400 ($26/$52) and even higher games offered at the local casinos in Macau.

While the average games played here on the island of Macau are higher than in Las Vegas, the competition is much softer.A $3/$6 game at any given casino in Las Vegas is most probably much more competitive than a HKD 50/100 game here in Macau.

Here’s how poker can help you improve yourself

I think it’s vital to define your purpose of poker– recreational or professional?

Are you just looking to play this on a recreational basis without carrying too much about wins and loses, or are you seeking to become a professional player?

I’m naturally a very competitive person who doesn’t like losing. For me, the game is about expanding my mental capacity and capabilities while making money at the same time.

Without a doubt, there’s no person on this planet who likes losing. Whether he cares about money or not, everyone wants to win.

Here are a few takeaways that you will enjoy when you’re serious about the game:

  • Increased self-worth

Playing seriously and professionally poker will add to your self-worth.

Most of us are way too focused on our business. If things don’t go well in our business, if we don’t make money, our self-worth decreases.

I’m not saying that poker is the only way to increase your self-worth.. It’s one way to balance and add to your self-worth. Making sound decisions and playing well makes you a better and more confident individual.

The saying ‘Never put all your eggs in one basket’, or diversification,  applies here.

I highly recommend that you don’t just focus on business or poker. Go to the gym, hang out with friends, make new meaningful connections, do something you enjoy. The person who finds success and well-being outside his professional career, is the person who really succeeds in life.

That’s why most really successful entrepreneurs are the most balanced individuals you will find anywhere.

  • Mental growth 

From personal experience, I’ve gained so much when learning a new skill. It’s not just about developing that new skill, it’s more understanding what is involved to be successful at something.

I think you become smarter and sharper when excelling at something outside internet marketing. All of this, all of it, is going to be useful in your business.

For example. If you learn how to become a professional player in any field, you need to acquire tremendous amounts of self-discipline and calmness to succeed with your game. Poker is not for the emotional person. In fact, the best player is a player who completely removes all emotions from decisions and plays each hand based on their opponent and what they think is the best play at any given hand. This is not an easy task, believe me.

There certainly is different skills required for running a business. In life though, it’s usually better when you’re not too emotional about certain things. Be outcome oriented, not emotional.

  • Building income

Yes, poker can be a great income stream for you. It’s nice to go on a trip and play a game while making money at the same time. Not only do you get away from your business, you also enjoy yourself, improve your game and make money at the same time.

The same can be replicated with anything you do. i.e. You might be a passionate scuba diver. So while you’re scuba diving, make the effort to record your dives so that you can later on post your videos on Youtube and monetize them somehow.

My philosophy for building income is to never do things that make me feel that I’m working. My whole strategy is to build on activities that I enjoy doing so much, but not doing things that feel like work to me. If you do the former, you will have a great time while making money.

  • New Connections

 There’s no doubt that you will get to know very interesting people through anything you do.

When you sit down at the poker table, you always want to be making friends, not enemies. You will meet different kinds of people and learn how to keep up with their attitudes. Some are welcoming and just enjoy the game; others are snooty and condescending. You just need to choose who to hang out with while you are playing.

I should definitely add here that you should not take the game too seriously; it dismisses the game itself. Remember, it should be fun and worthwhile for you!

Most of all, relax

Don’t sit down with the mentality that you have to win today to make money. This will only pressure you and get you frustrated. You should only be focused on playing your best, and the rest is up to the cards.  

I’ve already played one day here in Macau and it’s been a good first day. I’ll soon be analyzing the hands that I’ve played and why I’ve played them the way I did.

So, stay tuned to future posts coming on my sessions here in Macau.

I hope you enjoyed this post as much as I enjoyed writing it. Let me know your questions on poker or if you want to add anything here, I’d certainly appreciate it!



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