CPA marketing is not what it seems to be; you have be proactive in looking for offers, and at the same time have the “warrior strength” to test offers and their traffic. So what is the right way in finding the right CPA offers?

Maybe you’re waiting for me to give it to you on a silver platter. But don’t be disappointed if I say that there is no right way! BUT, if you are really into the success of your CPA marketing, you will totally “nail it!” anytime soon.

I have talked about the availability of gazillion of options and decision-making situations we have in our daily lives. The same thing happens when you are finding the right CPA offer. There are LOTS of them! And I am sure you have wondered why how successful CPA marketers deal with those offers.

I myself when I was starting, have to go through these offers, test traffic, be skimmed by ruthless account managers (it is part of the game!), all in my overall arching goal of success in CPA marketing. And I want this success to be yours as well.

I have to tell you that it is not an easy ride; but it is all worth it to nail it!

So in dealing with CPA offers, you have this chicken and egg problem- traffic and offer. You have a damn good offer, but no traffic to begin with; or you have this decent amount of traffic that you can grow but no high converting offer.

My most favorite answer is, it depends (please don’t hate me!). It really depends on where you are now. If you are just beginning, the most important is focusing on the traffic source. If you already have an established site, you are a bit limited on the type of offer you will have, and hence your focus is finding the perfect balance of offers tailored for your audience. So here are  my strategies on nailing down your success in finding CPA offers:

1. Choose your traffic source wisely

Let’s further break down this traffic source thing; you’ve got to have the traffic and content to optimize.  There are two main sources of traffic: paid and organic/ free. In the beginning, you’ve got to figure out how much traffic you can build organically, and how much traffic you can pay. Paid traffic gets you results faster. But its not al what it takes, you’ve got to apply the blended cost/visitor. 

When accounting for your desired cost-per-action, you can figure out the blended cost/ per visitor. Say you are having a moderate traffic at 20,000 visits/ month. 70% (around 14,000) of it is generated organically, and 30% (6,000) is paid traffic. You generate paid traffic with advertising through Google/Bing and Facebook marketing, at the expense of 300 USD/month. Hence your blended cost/visitor is 0.015 cents. With this rough estimate of your traffic cost, you can find out the offers that give you the best return.

Next is the content, which is generated through writing articles, producing videos, and airing podcasts. Don’t think that articles have the least cost; you have to do your homework on creating even more valuable content than what’s out there. You can either do this by writing your own or hiring great copywriters or proofreaders.

Another option are videos. You might want to do some videos, which you can produce using tools such as Screenflow or Camtasia– tools that are already widely used. Podcasts are also good way to deliver content, and more and more blogs are moving from written to audio content. It provides longer engagement period and potential audience really have to tune in and listen to see if your podcasts is valuable for them. Whatever content you produce, be sure that it can bring you the traffic you are looking for. Try to experiment doing different kinds of content, and integrate two of them together. 


2. Concentrate on 1-2 traffic sources

Do not be overwhelmed by the multitude of traffic sources out there, but you just need to focus on one or two that work. Combine them together for better results. The key in CPA marketing is to drill down on what is working, until you are ready to explore other channels that could potentially bring you greater traffic.

Arming yourself with too many channels at the same time results mainly in dispersion or dilution of your audience, and increase of your customer acquisition costs. You need to have a solid strategy that could bring you long-term traffic.


3. Test those traffic sources and see which ones generate the right amount of traffic (organic + paid) on your target CPA

For example, you can test out paid advertising coupled with email marketing. Record how much you paid for your audience, and how much each lead is worth to you. Try for a definite period (say one month), or number of leads (say 500). Each week, check your progress and how fast it leads you to your goal. If that does’t work out, you can move on to other sources (for example SEO coupled with Youtube marketing).

As soon as you have four  to five channels (for example SEO, search advertising, display, and remarketing), record how much traffic you get from each, plus your cost and get the belnded cost per visitor. Remember that it is not only your costs; you also have fixed costs such as hosting and website maintenance fees, adhoc costs such as developer work, etc. Have a budget and try to stick with it!

Only by practicing focus and deliberate practice can lead you to the results you want. Nailing it means being proactive and practical in your strategic choices.


4. Get insider info– Be a detective

Newbies often make a mistake of diving in before asking questions. It is not bravery to dive in, but rather cowardice to ask questions to affiliate managers (AMs).  AMs are the people who got the first-hand information on the offers. Yes, I know, not all of them are worth trusting. But you’ve got to ask questions anyway and try it out. Be a detective, and be doubtful of every info you get, Cross-check also with the sites that currently has those offers (just do a keyword search), or go directly to the company site. Sooner or later, you will get a feel of how the company treats its affiliates.

Let’s say you figured out that a person has made $500k+ from promoting weight loss offers on Google search. Weight loss offers convert well on many traffic sources. It’s something that I figured out through making 6 figures promoting multiple weight loss offers.

You want to figure out what the most popular weight loss offers are right now. Search for it in google and use the Keyword Planner to do your keyword analyses.


5. Avoid middleman as much as possible

If you know how the value chain works, the nearer you are at the supply source, the larger your share of the value. Same goes with CPA offers. Think of the company as the main source, the affiliate network with their managers as the distributor, and affiliates as retailers. Some affiliate networks serve as second-tier affiliate networks, meaning they broker offers from other networks. So it it best to do you research succinctly.

Continuing on our detective example above, once you’ve identified 2 to 3 high volume offers, go to odigger or offervault to find networks that carry those offers.

I recommend to do whatever it takes to get insider information as to which offers convert well. Also that is not an easy thing to discover. But with tenaciousness, you should be able to undress some good offers. Ask the person who you’re learning from which offers they have made the most money from. Some will tell you, others won’t. You can and will learn a lot by asking questions.

You should know that 80% of your money made in cpa marketing will be generated from 20% of the offers you promote. It might actually be closer to 90/10.  


6. Match the offer to the keyword volume

If you already got an offer, and are sure that you know how to get the traffic for it, match that offer to the keyword volume to give you a sense of competition. However, take the result as a grain of salt, because not all keyword searches and their corresponding volume have any commercial intent.

As nailing down your CPA offer resides mainly in ranking for those keywords with commercial intent, you might want to look at keyword difficulty instead. In that way, you can definitely tailor the offers you choose with the corresponding commercial intent.

7. Want to optimize your learning? Get coaching

Reading a lot of articles from multitude of sources wont get you anywhere. That;s why you have to fast-track your leaning via coaching. Why not make two brains work instead of one?

I don’t argue that you can’t learn from free resources. But to succeed at picking the right offers, writing compelling ad copy, getting approved for top offers and private advertisers, getting high volume traffic, you absolutely need someone who has done these things well.

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