Starting small in CPA marketing helps you to minimize loss and maximize your returns.

If you take the goal to make your first $100 in CPA marketing  literally you can break it down into:

  • Cost-per-lead (CPL);
  • How many leads to get you there;
  • How much traffic you need to get those leads;
  • Your lead conversion rate;
  • Where and how to get those leads.

Sounds simple? It is.

But it ain’t easy. Let me tell you first about how I got in there. Let’s start with point zero.

No doubt that when you listen to people’s story on how they earned their first $100 in CPA Marketing or any other internet marketing based business model, you’ll notice very different paths of people.

So it has been for me.

My CPA marketing journey started in 2013. However you must know that I’ve been around for quite a bit  longer than 2013. I first got introduced to internet marketing in early 2010 but didn’t start in CPA marketing itself until early 2013.

How I made my first real money online

cpa marketing beginner

Just like the cubes of letter above, it wasn’t as simple in the beginning. I have to begin with building blocks that make up most of my strategy today. 

Simple workflow: I build sites, get traffic, sell it for X times its monthly revenue. This is just the tip of the iceberg of making money online.

My first real success came when I sold a website for $1,370. It was an article writing services site that I ranked in Google for “article writing service” and “article writing services”. I managed to obtain the #1 spot for “article writing services” and the #3 spot for “article writing service”. At the time I was providing writing services to clients and wanted to start a different route. After receiving several offers, I managed to sell the site for $1,370. It was a big success!

I then got into the business of creating micro niche sites which I monetized with Adsense. This path has solidified my strategy of building sites from scratch and selling it with a bang.  I built up several sites and got them earning $200 – $700/month and flipped them after a few months of monetization. Each site was sold for x times the monthly revenue. The final sale price came down to how long the site has been earning money, average monthly profits and how much expansion potential there is.  

It was a very rewarding feeling– seeing all your efforts take fruit.

Getting  to the principles of earning your first $100

cpa marketing planning

Cost per action advertising has a very special place in my heart. I’m truly passionate about it and can talk on it for hours without ever getting bored. It’s that exciting to me.

When I first got introduced to CPA, I had no idea how it all worked. I didn’t know what I was getting into and I needed to know to succeed. You have to try and test as fast as possible.

As you might probably know, each and every one of us has a goal in mind. There’s rarely if ever a person starting out and not knowing how much money they want to make. I know of people that say ‘I want to earn as much as possible’. But they usually know subconsciously how much would be a good amount for them.

My ideology is to succeed at the smallest level first to prove to myself that I’m capable of making it work. That’s where all great success originally begins.

My first and most important achievement is always to make $1, $5, $10 or whatever the payout of a conversion is. It’s getting the first conversion that really counts.

While having the first dollar step in mind, I obviously am thinking of bigger numbers. At the back of mind, as well as on my goal sheets and cash flow analyses, I’ve clearly stated my desired income numbers and what it takes to get there.

You should know the minimum I’m shooting for now for any given business model is a minimum of $20,000 net profit a month. So given a 100% ROI, we’re looking at $40,000 gross or revenue in any given month.

This is an amount that I want for any business model. It obviously has to be worth your time.. I’m a believer in thinking big. Thinking big is not difficult. But what it takes is COURAGE. So you really need to believe in the numbers you’re looking to create. If you think that a number is too high for you and you’re not comfortable looking at it, simply set the bar lower. There’s no shame in aiming for less. In fact, you’ll achieve what you think is probable, given a set of circumstances.

I started with Youtube CPA Marketing. The business model is based on outsourcing videos through Fiverr, picking high traffic keywords for those videos, and ranking them on the top of Youtube and Google.

You can and will only make money with this business model if you can find offers for which you can target high traffic keywords. Low search volume means little traffic.

I picked 5 to 10 offers (along with keywords) and started to outsource videos. Then optimized on-page SEO  Youtube channels themselves. The last step of the process was building backlinks. It’s backlinks, or die.

You can see that I started with 5 to 10 offers, not just 1. The reason for this decision is that most offers are not going to make you a lot of money. You need at least 3 offers to have 1 winner. Much can happen along the way like an offer is simply not converting, you are not getting enough traffic or you are never ranking for your keywords.

So in order to succeed, you need to test multiple offers. Once I was getting traffic to an offer and saw it converting, I wanted to take things to the next level. My first big success in CPA was a $120/day from 3 CPA conversions. I felt like a winner!

How I scaled this business model to higher revenues

how to be successful in cpa marketing

As soon as obtained rankings and traffic for my offers and saw them converting, I put plenty of my money into outsourcing more videos and building more backlinks to rank for more keywords. In no time I was dominating a given niche and making a pretty good and stable income.

Aggression definitely helps. Your goal in CPA marketing is to do testing at an affordable cost to determine a winning offer. That’s where it all starts. That’s how I made my first $100 in CPA marketing. Then I was getting consistently 1 to 9 of those conversions every day. It adds up.

Breaking it down

guide to cpa marketing

It is like having a map. You have to know where you are going and how to get there.

The point zero is the building and testing. At point one, you should be winning.

Step 1) First thing you’ve to do is to be certain that you’ll work on this until you succeed. You don’t stop in the middle of things or right before the finish. A true winner follows through and accepts defeat along the way because he knows it’s part of the process.

Step 2) Set a realistic goal in your mind. If you self-image tells you $100 is what you can achieve then this should be your initial income goal. Remember, 100 is made up of 10s, 20s, 0r 50s. So lower offers, at higher volume of leads, or higher- value offers with narrower volume of leads. It is your choice.

Step 3) Aim to make your first $100 in CPA marketing. Promise to yourself that you won’t stop working until you’ve achieved this level of success. It will set you up for the coming time.

Step 4) Pick a business model and get to work. From the offers you’ve got, document what you’ve done and develop a system.

Step 5) Prepare a daily budget for paid traffic–an amount you can comfortably spend while still having enough funds behind to continue testing this offer and testing other offers.

Free traffic, on the other hand is not entirely free.  Prepare a total budget for any given campaign. You’ve got to spend on outsourcing videos, building backlinks, domains, etc.

Step 6) Once a winner has been found, go ahead and start growing your campaigns. It’s time to make serious money.

I am always looking forward to your thoughts. If you haven’t started yet, I hope this article helps you to find offers you can confidently monetize. And for those who are on their way to point one, I’d love yo hear about how you made your first $100 in CPA marketing.

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